How To: Combine dreadlocks with a loose hair tool

Combine dreadlocks with a loose hair tool

First of all check how far your smaller dread comes down towards your larger one. Then you have to put the tool all the way in and grab the tip of the smaller dread and then pull back here. Use the dread tool which has a point at the tip. Use this to poke inside the dread to make way. Poke around and you shall find some loose hair that shall make way for your tool to come out at the top. If you find any dead-end then just put the tip a little higher and start again. When the tip pops out, then you have to slide the dread below it. This tool also helps you to spin the dread and also keeps it in the middle. Squeeze the tip and the dread together and the two other fingers at the top to guide it to slide up the dread. Use the bottom hand to twist and push up the tool. Eventually you shall reach the top of your dredge. Now pop out the tip at the top. Now take the tip of the smaller dread and hook it to the tip of the tool. Now start pulling it in between the larger dread. Continue to bring it down till you reach a point there is no small dread left. Then pop up the tip of your tool and release all dredge portions and remove the tool from the bottom of the dredge. Now hold the dredge and twist using your both palms. Now the small dredge has merged with the longer one so the new dredge looks thicker and better.

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