How To: Buy a wig or hair piece and look stylish

Buy a wig or hair piece and look stylish

If you have thinning or short hair and are looking for a change, you may want to try a wig. There are many types of wigs today, different styles made up of different materials. Watch this video to find out information on buying a wig or hair piece so that you don't wind up looking like you have an animal on your head.
You Will Need
• A lock of your own hair
• A computer and internet access
• A budget
• Hair care products

Step 1: Use a lock of your hair to shop
Use the lock of your own hair to help you shop for the right color and texture.

Step 2: Look up hair salons and cancer centers
Look up local hair salons and/or hospital cancer centers online.

Step 3: Decide on synthetic or human hair
Decide between synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs and hair pieces require less maintenance and take little time to dry. Human hair looks real but requires more maintenance and takes longer to dry.

Step 4: Establish a budget
Establish a budget. Human hair costs almost three times as much as synthetic hair.
Consider a custom-made wig versus a ready-made wig. Custom-made wigs will make for a better fit, but they have to be ordered. Ready-made wigs can be adjusted, and you can wear them out of the store.

Step 5: Establish a comfort level
Establish a comfort level. Some people opt for a style similar to their natural style – or, this might be the perfect time to get that look you never had –but always wanted!
Monofilament wigs have hair sewn into gauze instead of cloth, allowing more breathing room, making them airy and less itchy.

Step 6: Purchase hair care products
Purchase products needed for wig or hair piece maintenance – any special brushes, conditioners, shampoos, and styling products.

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