How To: Braid hair with flaxseed gel

Braid hair with flaxseed gel

This instructional video shows us how to braid hair with flaxseed gel. First you will need some conditioner, moisturizer and flaxseed gel. You will also need a wide tooth comb. The person who is having their hair done will need to do a cold wash which is washing their hair with conditioner rather than shampoo as it can dry out the hair. First take some styling oil and spray sparingly on the hair. Then massage it on the head. Take some flaxseed gel and spread it on the hair. This gives definition. Part the hair, choose a section, then tie back the rest of the hair. Make sure that it is untangled. Start at the base and separate the hair into 3 sections. Start the braid moving from the hairline to the crown. Once you have the desired amount of braids or design that you require, spray the hair with some water. Apply the flaxseed gel and put in some large twists. This gives the hair definition and volume. These twists may be taken out just before you go.

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