How To: Achieve rolled-up pin-up bangs a la Beyoncé in "Telephone"

Achieve rolled-up pin-up bangs a la Beyoncé in "Telephone"

Now, rolled-up bangs may not be a good choice for going clubbing (at least not if you're trying to catch a cutie's eye in a positive way) or for work, but work great for Halloween if you're dressing up as a movie star or teeny bopper.

If you love the gorgeous look of pin-up rolled bangs, check out this tutorial to get the how-to. To give you an indication of just how fabulously retro this look is, just recall Beyoncé's rolled bangs from her video with Lady Gaga, "Telephone."

*Aussie Flexible Hold hairspray
*Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray
*A few bobby pins (get some that match your hair color)
*A teasing comb
*A medium sized curling iron

Its best to have hair that hasn't been washed in a few days.
This makes it easier to work with and hold its shape.

Use a teasing comb to separate the front of your hair into a U shape.

Tease thy hair, mortals!
You want to make sure it is fluffy and sticks together.

Make sure the hair is parted evenly.
Each end should line up with your pupil.

Spray the hair with a flexible hold hairspray.
Its important to cover the whole strand.

Smooth it all together and curl tightly using a medium sized barrel.

Wait about 5 minutes or until hair it hot to the touch.
This is very important for the hair to stick together.

Give the hair another little spray and roll the other side.
This way, the finished product will be a bit more even.

And wait again.

Roll it up tightly and pin a bobby pin to each side.
Spray it with freeze hold spray and wait for it to dry.

When dry, pull the bangs apart carefully with your fingers into a dipped shape.

Take out the bobby pins and stretch it a little more to your liking.
Re-pin a little higher and style.

Don't forget one final freeze spray to set it!

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